About Us

At Complete ABA, we use the scientific and evidence-based methodologies of applied behavior analysis to increase desired behaviors and decreased problem behaviors.  We work to identify a client's motivation, and use this to reinforce, or increase, appropriate behaviors. This also aids in decreasing problem behaviors. Problem behaviors are analyzed to determine what is maintaining them.  This is called determining the function of a behavior. Once this is established, strategies to decrease the behaviors are implemented and replacement skills are introduced.  Replacement skills are taught using evidence-based interventions.  Each intervention is tracked to determine its effect on the behavior or skill.  Applied Behavior Analysis is the only proven treatment for individuals with Autism.  We utilize the Verbal Behavior approach when implementing language goals. This approach focuses on introducing functional language goals regardless of age.  Applied Behavior Analysis is rooted in the concepts of generalization and its application to daily life. 

We Asked Our Staff and Parents...What is ABA to You?

 ABA is a way to improve the quality of life of individuals with autism and their families.

ABA takes patience, love, and understanding.

ABA finds strategies that are tailored to individuals that are implemented to create opportunities for success.

ABA is the keystone of complementary therapies necessary to children on the spectrum.

ABA finds fun and creative ways to help everyone reach their potential.

ABA gets my child from milestone to milestone.

ABA does require a commitment from the entire family and any other caregivers for the child.

ABA includes an individualized plan for your child.

ABA takes the weight off my shoulders.

ABA takes patience, consistency, and commitment.

ABA finds way to help individuals communicate functionally.

ABA is a data based approach that focuses on increasing socially significant behaviors.