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Direct Instruction

Direct instruction involves the BCBA or RBT working directly with the client. This is the one on one time that the client will spend with the analyst. During this time, the analyst implements the programs and goals that have been decided on by the team.  ABA focuses on generalization of tasks once they are learned.  For this reason, sessions are structured to increase responding in the natural environment, or through play. During sessions, problem behavior reduction is a focus and strategies are implemented with fidelity. 

This service can be provided in the home, school, or community.  At Complete ABA, we believe in supporting the client where they need it most.

Parent Consultation

Family involvement is an integral part of an effective ABA program.  At Complete ABA, we strive to include family in all portions of a child's program.  Parent goals are created to increase generalization of learned skills.  This is accomplished by weekly meetings to      review progress and create new family goals.  Parents are also involved in training sessions      with the child present to train on behavior management or skill acquisition.  During this, our staff ​models and gives feedback to parents interactions.

School Consultation

Our team will work with teachers and school staff to help meet the child's needs in their educational setting.  We will work to assist with behavior management strategies in the classroom to increase age appropriate skills and decrease behaviors that may interfere with learning.   By working with teachers, we can help our clients meet IEP goals quickly by training teachers on ABA methodologies. 

Areas of focus:

  • on task behavior
  • social skills
  • identifying functions of behavior
  • ​task compliance
  • self-management skills
  • other age-inappropriate      behaviors
  • interfering stereotypy

Staff Training

 We provide staff training, continuing education credits, and information sessions for schools, support groups, parent groups, or professional organizations.  Topics can be geared to meet the needs of your specific group. 

Food Tolerance Programs

Contact us today to find out how we can incorporate food programs into your child's ABA curriculum.  Evidence based strategies are used to decrease food aversions due to taste, texture, compliance, or other issues to be determined.  Let us train you on how to incorporate strategies to make mealtime less stressful and increase diet variety. 

Functional Living and Leisure Skills

Let us help you with your older child or adolescent.  Our team has expertise working with older clients as they prepare to transitions to school, the work place, or independent living. Contact us for information about these individualized programs.